How To Iron A Shirt

Ironing shirts is easy with the know-how and a little practice. Below is a seven step guide to getting the perfect looking shirt everytime.

  1. Check the garment label and adjust the setting on the iron
  2. Fill the iron with distilled water
  3. Iron the back of the collar first, then the front, taking care to iron in from the edges a little at a time to avoid creases
  4. Open cuffs fully, iron inside first, then outside
  5. Iron sleeves after smoothing them flat to avoid creases. Do sleeve  backs first, fronts second and take extra care on armhole seams
  6. Hang shirt over the board so that the one front panel of the shirt can  be extended flat (collar at the narrower end of the board). Iron from  shoulder to shirttail
  7. Rotate the shirt over the board so that you iron the back next, and the other front panel last.

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